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 - - pr Spectrum Friday, May 16, 1980 Tifc fe like...
- pr Spectrum Friday, May 16, 1980 Tifc fe like Fantasy Island' says Cuban refugee in US 13 LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Last month Victor Cardenas, his teen-age wife and baby daughter were jammed into the Peruvian embassy in Havana fearfully awaiting word that they could escape Communist Cuba. Food was so scarce that one day thev ate a cat. An angry mob milled outside the walls. Cardenas, a slender 21-year-old Cuban army veteran and student machinist, is now adjusting to a new life in Los Angeles. He is still fearful of an jncertain future, but now he also has lope. The first thing he noticed, he said in in interview, is that city streets are filled with cars and not police. "In Cuba they are around , you everywhere," Victor said. "They surround you on the street. If you're out talking on the street at night, they send you home." "Once I was arrested and held for 72 hours because I had forgotten my identification.". Victor, his wife, Julia, 16. and their 1-year-old daughter, Maytee, are living temporarily at the home of Domingo Rufin, a United Press International maintenence chief. Rufin fled Cuba in 1966. "They can stay as long as they want," Rufin said. "I know what they've been through. I've been there." Victor, who sported a new pair of red, white and blue gym shoes during the interview, likened his new country to a dream world. "This is like a fantasy island," he said. "They ithe Cuban government) lied to us for so long. They said people in America were eating off newspapers and sleeping in the streets. I can't believe this world was out here." Drafted when he was 17. Victor spent three years as an infantryman in Cuba. The soldiers, he said, were unhappy, grumbling about the government. But there wasn't any talk of revolt, he says, because '"everybody was suspicious of everybody else." It was in the army that Victor first thought seriously about leaving Cuba. When he heard that thousands of people were going to the Peruvian embassy last month, he grabbed his wife and baby and scaled the walls, joining the mass of people hoping to get out. They stayed there nine days. They were fed only twice. The other days they ate mango leaves and one day. the cat. Finally. Cuban officials gave Victor safe passage out of the embassy grounds. Outside the walls, the crowd beat him up. "They called us worms, parasites," he said. "I was kicked and scratched." He took his family to his mother's house. They slept seven in a room for 15 days, making several trips to. government offices to get visas. They waited, in constant fear that something would go awry.. Once friendly neighbors became hostile, calling them names, refusing them service in neighborhood shops. On May Day, while Castro was giving his annual holiday speech, a motorcycle cop came to Victor's mother's house and told the family to go to the port of Mariel, the embarkation point for the Cuban boat people. They spent two more days at the port, sleeping on the ground, until a "yacht" arrived. The "Captain Ray," piloted by a North American skipper, was meant to carry 10 passengers. But about 40 people, some of them sick and old, got on the boat for the 12-hour voyage to Key West, Fla. "I got on shore and clapped my hands," Victor recalled. "I yelled 'Freedom and liberty,' I was so happy." The International Rescue Committee put the family up at a motel for two days, then gave them a little spending money and tickets for a flight to Los Angeles. In the tightly knit Cuban community of Southern California, help was waiting. Rufin, who met the Cardenas family through his social club, is not legally responsibile for them. "There are no regulations," he said. "Just what my conscience tells me to do." The first thing Victor wanted was diapers for his baby. Now he is looking for a job. i,''' 1 ST. GEORGE Jill Carter accepts a First Buck Award on behalf of the Sports Den on St. George Boulevard. The new business specializes in racquet sports equipment and apparel. Making the presentation Dixie Sunshiners Ben Stout and Royce Jones. are Mobile Navy squad gives psychological first aid ' PORTSMOUTH. Va. (UPI) - Within hours of the Jan. 28 collision between a :Coast Guard cutter and a tanker in Florida's ;Tampa Bay, a Navy medical team was dispatched to help the survivors head off potential psycological problems. The sinking of the cutter Blackthorn killed ;23 of 50 crewmen. : The mobile squad from Portsmouth, Va., counseled survivors who were angry the tragedy occurred and gripped by an illogical sense of guilt because they were alive and their buddies dead. And the team gave strength and guidance to the widows some unsure how they'd cope, others resentful of the women whose husbands lived. Also helped were relatives ;who had urged sons and nephews to join the service and thus blamed themselves for '. their deaths. 'r "Guilt, grief and anger are normal reactions to a disaster, but if unchecked can 'lead to real psychological problems." said Cmdr. Thomas Carlton, head of the Special Psychiatric Rapid Intervention Team (SPRINT). J "What we try to do is help them identify a lot of the unseemingly abnormal things that ;;are indeed normal," said Carlton. "If there are abnormal reactions, we help them deal with it." ' He said an understanding of feelings helps mend torn emotions, while a failure to comprehend can make wounds fester. ' "What we do is like giving typhoid shots ; after a flood or earthquake," he said. "It's ; preventive medicine." ' These injections of solace and mental aid lare administered by SPRINT'S two I psychiatrists, three psychiatric technicians, ;two psychiatric nurses, a clinical ; psychologist, a medical officer and two chaplains. . SPRINT, based at the Naval Regional Medical Center, is believed to be the only group of its kind in the world. It was established in 1978 after the Navy saw that several survivors of the 1975 collision between the USS Belknap and USS John F. Kennedy developed emotional problems. Eight crewmen were killed in the accident. Some survivors became withdrawn, others, at times, hostile. Work performance dropped. Marital problems surfaced. Recurring nightmares plagued many. "We felt if we could get these victims early, we could reduce the chances of these problems developing," Carlton said. A common reaction among disaster victims is "survivor guilt." "There's this magical reasoning, figuring a certain number were meant to die," Carlton aid. "They say, 'If I died, someone else would have lived. The mere fact I'm alive, someone else is dead.'" - The first time SPRINT was used was for the Oct. 20, 1978 sinking of the Coast Guard cutter Cuyahoga in the Chesapeake Bay. The ship went down after colliding with a freighter, killing 1 1 of 29 crewmen. Petty Officer 1st Class Roger Wild survived and was later hailed for rescuing several shipmates. Although a hero, he was also a victim. "After the accident, I had mixed feelings," said Wild, who joined other crewmen and their families in receiving SPRINT help in group and one-on-one sessions. "I felt anger, sorrow and uncertainty," he said. "SPRINT helped us cope. I don't know how things would have worked out if there was no SPRINT." When the Blackthorn went down, five SPRINT members went to St. Petersburg, Fla., to help crew members, while the other six went to Galveston, Tex., the ship's home port, to assist families. s m 1 Shop Ashley's Where You Save 40 to 60 Everyday Spring Savings LITTLE GIRL'S DRESSES Reg. $1299 to $26.00 value ASSORTED BOY'S TERRY SHORTS Reg. $6.00 Valun Starting at 1 ASSORTED WASHCLOTHS Reg. $125 Value FASHION JEANS Large assortment of denim jeans with different piping trim detailing on pockets Nationally sold for $20.00 -$22.00 if perfect Sizes: 32-38 LADIES TERRY SHORT SETS First Quality Values to $1 7.00 qp ASSORTED SKIRTS Make to sell for $15.00 $20.00 if Sizes: perfect 8-16 85 NORTH 100 EAST ST. GEORGE, UTAH 673-5021 Hours: 104 Man Thru Sat res i College kids harness wind NEW YORK (UPI) - Wind, sun and old crank case oil helped a dozen colleges win $120,000 in a national energy-stretching contest, the Academy for Education Development announced Thursday. Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is recycling the crank case oil in it heating plant. It will get one of the $10,000 checks at the awards dinner featuring former President Gerald R. Ford, chairman of the academy's board. Drexel University, Philadelphia, captures energy, normally wasted, from its laundry heating system to provide no-cost heat for its swimming pools. The Unversity of California at San Diego was cited for its "Energy and the Way We Live" course given via 15 newspaper articles run in 540 papers with credit awarded by 342 colleges. The series was distributed nationally by United Press International. Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt uses a fuel-burning process that causes a chemical reaction to increase surface area of oil, reducing consumption. Colby Community College in Colby, Kan., came up with a gasohol production course now used by the Department of-Energy as a model for 40 programs. Other winners: University of Delaware, Newark, Del., organized manual temperature controls, reducing energy costs enough to fund a computerized system to manage energy use. Benedict College, Columbia, S.C., saved by starting boilers only when external temperatures dropped. California State University at Fullerton pooled expertise of faculty at its 19 campuses to develop the Statewide Energy Consortium. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, runs a low-cost energy savings program that includes rescheduling building use. TfieVI TRADING POST S v JUST ARRIVED! Horse Tac and horse equipment! HORSESHOE SPECIAL OOsize 0 size 1 size 2.00 off on halters if you bring this ad Box 536 West of Hurricane on the Highway M.18 . 1.25 . 1.30 We also . order special items Jay & Dorothy and Newell & Rose Frazier 801-635-2844 0 D D D D 0 D 0 i 1 1 j to 0 02X0(3 CUTEST HOUSE ON MKT! In St George Area This is a new, elegant home on lot -531 in Buena Vista Estates in Washington. Has 3-bdrm, 2-bath, brick front, approx. 1250 sq.ft plus an insulated, finished single garage is ducted for heat & cooling - ready to turn into fam rm. Lots of extras like brick-enclosed alcove for wood stove, dishwasher, range, disposal, heat pump. Must see! Call GO Real Estate, 635-4331. Price just $52,000! WE HAVE THE BEST BUYS ON HOMES IN SOUTHERN UTAH!" BEAUTIFUL LOT I Just over 23 acre in Hurri- I BEST BUY IN COUNTY! cane wassumable contract I ASSUMABLE 8 I . at 9. Sewer, curb & all Approx. 33.5 acres of land, j jmpr0Vements in. -share Large older home on big lot in So. Utah's Most Beautiful - irr. water. Ca GO Real with huge trees in f rort & Town. Toquerville. Ash I Estate, 635-4331. I back providing beautiful j creek runs along east side of I pr:0 mk onn ! .u.j.i u ? : 2?L - l!i"iL ""RMamlTmMr"! ""finished basement. 4-bed- il!" ; aWm. wnd. .,.. " nd.f UUiiiidi y waici wiiiiwmwii ' g paid for. Orchard, 3 ponds. t- :iuim rn i ernis avcmciuic. won Real Estate. 635-4331. Price just $4,900 pacre! fridge, range, dishwasher. 0 D Vt jiiIJ nea fAMA f IvSnn nn . - - 1. 1 disposal, wood stove, drapes. waxer TO0- "u . On approx. 13 acre wmany ! conl C,a 1 G0 Real I estate, OJ3-4O0I. I Iviaiitifiil tM Poll Rn I Real Estate, 635-4331. I I Price just $45,000 I Price $39,900 UNHEARD OF DEAL! I 1400 BEAUTIFUL Sq. Ft. I This very nice 3bdrm, 2-bath I Brand new 3-bdrm, 2-bath I home is located in one of home has approx. 1400 sq. the nicest subdivisions in j ft. with single carport wlg. So. Utah & has special, I storage at rear. Brick venier M ... - . . U conventional loan aireaay on trow, arcnea entry way, allocated at 11 interest j large, beautiful kitchen. wNO POINTS! On aDDrox. ! Slidina alass doors lead from! wNO POINTS! On approx. Sliding glass doors lead from! 84'x125' lot wsingle garage I dining area to level back lots of extras, improved I yard. Qualifies for 8 78 streets & more! Call GO interest money. Call GO Real Estate, 635-4331. I Real Estate, 635-4331. Price just $49,700 Price $48,000 EVER DREAMED OF LIVING IN A CASTLE? Here's your chance! This 3-bedroom, 2-bath castle is on a -acre lot, wapprox 2100 sq.ft., sun rm, small family rm, wet bar, Ig rock fireplace, high cathedral ceiling in living rm, range, D 0 0' D D D D Owner will Carry Contract D D D Price $67,900 1QTn MORI I P HflMF Q D i EVEN THE CHICKENS! This older, 4-bdrm home is on approx 1 acre in center of LaVerkin & within walking distance of church. Has Many fruit, nut & Ig shade trees, all landscaped, grape vines, 1 share irr. water, single carport, range, wood stove, chicken coop, corrals, barn. Assuable 10 interest loan. Call GO Real Estate. Imagine all this for $41,900 I NEW 1100 SqFt HOME Nice 2-bdrm, 2-bath up, full unfinished bsmnt, HOOsq ft Ion each level. Single carport nt Pall fin Raal Pet a to I PRICE IS JUST $28,000! This home has 1 bdrm, 1- bath up. plus 2-bdrm & 1 bath partly finished in the. basement On approx. 13 acre, wfruit trees, grape vinyard, Ig shade trees, fridge, range, pad for wood stove. Call GO Real Estate for more info, 635-4331. Price $28,000 ANTIQUE EXTERIOR DUPLEX This duplex is in Hurricane. Each unit has: 2-bdrm, 1-bath & nice interior. AH on 12O'x109' lot, partly landscaped wautomatic sprinkling system, huge tree in front Brand new paint job. Make your payments wrent on other unit Owner will consider trade. Call GO Real Estate. 635-4331. Price $45,000 BUY OF THE WEEK! I ASSUMABLE LOAN Call GO Real Estate. ' Price $491500. I 13 muDiLb nvivib oc BUILT ON! I Nice 3-bdrm home, approx. I I I vr old. on about -acre lot I dishwasher, disposal, drapes, on cul-de-sac. Lg walk-in dbl garage & more. Call GO closet in master bdrm, wood Real Estate, 635-4331. stove, fridge, range, assume d co onn 1 9 contract Must see. Call Price $23,900 Owner will Carry Contract I Fantastic 3-bdrm, 2-bath home, wlandscaping, mostly I fenced, lots of storage, dbl. garage wauto opener, extra PROUDLY PI LLARD This nice home has a 6 . ... ..7. , kaj New. almost finished, brick-1 private fence around whole j """u " - " I 1. : : ! oil 1 rom. 2 bath home- Approx. I , , ' ' , . .' 1 1800 sq.ft. home has utility ! landscaped, on cul-de-sac in . nvtra - lit rm ,y B ' ! I ! I L - space for RVehicle, approx. 1800 sq.ft, disposal, dishwasher, extra fruit rm, very nice fixtures & more! Terms negotiable, owner will carry 30-yr, 10 contract wgood down. Call GO Real Estate 635-4331 or 6354923. 1970 MOBILE HOME Champion 14'x70', 2-bdrm wrange, carpets, washer 81 dryer, 81 more. Sitting on 1-acre secluded in Rockville. Rent prop, or move home. Price $8,000 FIX ME UP-ON 1 ACRE I'm a 4-bdrm, 2-bath home on 1 acre in Hurricane that is in servicable condition, but needs some TLC to be an ideal place to live! I have 3 fireplaces, big shade trees in front, room for animals, Ig garden spot, 1 share irr. water, and I am a brick home. Call GO Real Estate for more info, 635-4331. Price $48,500 "TaTifTeToTready- ' for mobile home Ready wfoundation, septic tank, all hookups, all ready to move mobile home onto, even orchard. Call GO Real Estate, 635-4331. Price $10,500 front home in very nice 1 1 1 . t- 1 area. J-Dorm, i-oain nome has deck, fireplace 81 full. ! nicest subdivision in area, unfinished basement! On J Approx. 2 yr old, 3-bdrm, approx. -acre lot. Owner I 2-bath home wsingle, selling cheap as-is. Make a I finished garage off kitchen steal of a deal. Call GO Real that could be turned into Estate, 635-4331. I fam. rm. On Ig lot Call GO Real Estate, 635-4331. Price just $46,000! Price $51,900 5. 7 or 12 ACRES FARMLAND Estate, 635-4331 j Price $56,900 m I ONTHEWAYTOKOLOBI TRI-LEVEL LOG CABIN On hill in Virgin, this I J beautiful home overlooks I I Virgin River, is brand new, Prime property could be 1 1 - - . 1 1 usea Tor oiner purposes, di 1 - t,oo.l and owner will carry con and irrigation water. One I J wterm J0 side of property line runs I Jrand n'3 be 2".bath ,.-, wrth r.ronU I h wfull, partly finish- -1 r. 1 :- ed basement On verv la lot iti 111 w iiii mi:i tri un in too! the area! Terms available. Owner will carry contract Call GO Real Estate, 635-4331 or 635-4923. Price $8,000 pacre T:i SET I I I I Iwwood stove and single I carport You need to see to I believe. Call GO Real Estate I at 635-4331. I Price $53,000 0 0 D 0 Q 0 D 0 D 0 :HARD& U 0 0 0 0 D D 169 J. Buy now & choose r I own floor coverings & light II I fixtures. Call GO Real U D 0 0 D 0 D HOUSE, ORCHARD & CORRAL ON 1 ACRE Nice 3-bdrm, 2-bath home on 1 acre in Hurricane fields. 1500 sq.ft. plus full unfinished basemnt. Master bdrm is extra large wwalk-ln closet. Has deck, trees - share irrigation water. Come see this great mini-farm. Call 1 635-4923. j Price $63,900 garage, aisposai, aisnwasner I & more. All-brick front, on -Ig. corner lot (approx. 100'x 169'). Buy now & choose Located in nicest subdivision in area, this 1 year old 4-bdrm, 2-bath home has a "log cabin" styled front 8c is on approx. -acre lot. All fenced, landscaped, sprinkling system, carport, wood stove in family rm, water softner, dishwasher. Call GO Real Estate, 635-4331. Price $58,000 CZDCZ3 ' n mt m

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