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Not a fan of the park rangers - Ignoring applicants to military academies was a...
Ignoring applicants to military academies was a slap in Southern Utah's face by Sen. Bennett I have before me Senator Robert Bennett's announcement of his recommendations for the United States military academies. I found it very interesting, and quite frankly, it "stinks!" The only conclusion I could come to, having having found eleven nominees from Brighton is: 1 . That you must hail from that area. 2. There is a lot of potential campaign donors in that area. 3. That Southern Utah has no outstanding, upstanding, worthwhile students in their schools! 4. That you don't need votes from Southern Utah. 5. That you did not notify Southwestern area residents residents that nominations were being solicited for these honors. As almost all communications from your office pass through our hands, I believe that if such a notice had been received in our office, we would have published it and passed it on to interested interested parties. You have disappointed me. As secretary for an award winning newspaper. The Southern Utah News, we have attempted to include Senator Bennett's messages, doings, etc. in our newspaper on a regular basis. But to have Bennett completely ignore our end of the state as if we don't exist, is a slap in the face. Having been around government offices for much of my career. I realize a secretary may not pass a letter letter on to the senator. His popularity here is just not what it has been. Ruth D. Koontz Kanab, Utah Snow Canyon State Park has changed from backyard playground it once was How things have changed! Once a lovely, serene area, where we could take our visiting grandchildren grandchildren and play on the sand dunes to enjoy a few peaceful hours of relaxation. Snow Canyon State Park is now a beehive of activity which has the oversight of armed state park rangers and a surly officious campground attendant, who seem totally fed up with answering questions and dealing with people in a friendly and helpful manner. Why have the sand dunes been placed "off limits" to our children except as fee paying campground guests? It was this question, probably asked already too many times today, which inspired the attendant at the campground entrance to order me to move my car (which I had purposely parked to be out of the way) and respond, "You don't have to come here you know!" (She never took the opportunity opportunity to answer my question.) What will be next, trail and climbing fees? What happens to the non-fee non-fee non-fee paying Kins children who are neighbors of the park and used to going there to simply play in "mother nature's" sand? Will they or their parents be fined or incarcerated? Why do we need state park "rangers" cruising around armed with "radar" and 9 mm's watching for an opportunity to cite someone. What has happened happened to the friendly campground hosts? Why not summon the county or state patrol if needed? This natural wonder is blighted with the presence of confrontational confrontational "enforcers" and signs totally out of character with the beauty of the place. Another freedom freedom lost? Maynard Sorensen Ivlns, Utah Homosexual genetic heredity: No kind of natural selection at work The recent controversy over homosexual clubs in our high schools, and even a "teachers" homosexualstraight homosexualstraight alliance, has brought the subject of homosexuality squarely into the arena of public awareness once again. Many homosexuals and their supporters, some of whom are well-intentioned well-intentioned well-intentioned while others have decidedly evil purposes in supporting the homosexual homosexual movement, have recently been stating as fact the "premise" that homosexuality is innate in the individual, i.e.. that it is caused by one or more specific genes. Now. I am not the most brilliant person in the world, but that assertion causes a tremendous question in my "little grey cells." If homosexuality is, indeed, genetic in origin, "how" is it transmitted to the next generation? One of the greatest

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Spectrum,
  2. 04 Apr 1996, Thu,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 4

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